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This week, as the 2017 Nobel Prize winners are being announced, looks back at some of Washington’s esteemed Nobel laureates , beginning with Tonasket native Walter Brattain , who shared the 1956 Nobel Prize in physics for the invention of the transistor. Other Washington recipients include University of Washington physicist Hans G. Dehmelt , UW pharmacist Edmond H. Fischer and biochemist Edwin G. Krebs , bone-marrow transplant pioneer E. Donnall Thomas , and geneticist Lee G. Hartwell and biologist Linda Buck , both of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Anyway, the stat I find more interesting is that less than half (49 percent) of young people who call themselves Democrats “know” (in Blake’s usage) a gun owner, compared to 80 percent of young Republicans. There are by one reputable estimate some 3 million Muslims in America. They tend, like many ethnic or religious groups that are disproportionately made up of immigrants, to be concentrated in few enclaves. Meanwhile, roughly 44 percent of American households have at least one gun in them (it may well be higher as some people lie or refuse to answer the question).

There’s more. Trying to give the impression that welfare eligibility rules are already strict, the reporters describe at length how immigrants are barred if they are likely to be “public charges,” and how legal immigrants cannot receive welfare for five years. A balanced article would note that the public charge rule is virtually never enforced, that Congress has significantly watered down the five-year rule, and that only about 15 percent of legal immigrant residents currently fall within the five-year window anyway. But this is not a balanced article.

Washington post essays

washington post essays


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