Ucla anderson femba essays

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We have all grown and changed a great deal over the last three years. Some of us have even learned the code to the FEMBA lounge (I am not one of those people). But perhaps most important is how we’ve changed each other. We have achieved this together, as a family. I have never been more proud of or inspired by a single group of people. Our classmates have built rocket ships, fought wars and raised millions of dollars for charity. But we’ve also been there for each other when we needed encouragement, or help with a project, or In-N-Out Burger at 2:00 . I want each of you to think about just one person in this class who motivated you to change your thought process or your career path, to try something new or simply to stay motivated to make it here to this day. And I hope you take the time today to share that story with that classmate and to thank them. And while we’re at it, why not post it, tag them and hashtag it FEMBAfamily? Because that’s what we really are. For me, that classmate was Kiesha McCurtis, and I will find you after this!

Ucla anderson femba essays

ucla anderson femba essays


ucla anderson femba essaysucla anderson femba essaysucla anderson femba essaysucla anderson femba essays