Thesis footnote font size

It is extremely important that figures be prepared with the proper resolution for publication in order to avoid inaccurate presentation of the data. The minimum acceptable resolution for all figures is 300 dpi. Excessive file compression can distort images, so files should be carefully checked after compression. Note that figures that contain both line art (such as graphs) and RGB/grayscale areas (such as photographs) are best prepared as EPS (vector) files with embedded TIFF images for the RGB/grayscale portions. The resolution of those embedded TIFF images should be at least 300 dpi.

As stated in its documentation , titlesec package replaces original LaTeX macroses for the heading commands (., \chapter , \section , etc.) which requires assignment of all settings defining the heading command, even if you want to change only one of it (for example, font). This can be seen in the code blocks above where in order to change the heading font with \titleformat command ( \usefont { OT1 }{ cmr }{ bx }{ n } \selectfont } ) settings for the heading number, its location, and its font size were given too ( { \hspace { - } \Large \thesection\hspace { }} ).

Thesis footnote font size

thesis footnote font size


thesis footnote font sizethesis footnote font size