Theology doctoral thesis

United Methodist Students pursuing the above certificates are eligible to be certified through annual conference boards of ordained ministry after completing the academic courses for each certificate, and by fulfilling the additional church and personal requirements. The School of Theology’s procedure for documenting students’ specialized academic work is to provide a letter of completion. For questions related to admissions into a certificate program, please contact the School of Theology Admissions Office at [email protected] . For all other questions about the certificate program not related to the admissions process, please contact Dr. Wanda Stahl , Co-Director of Contextual Education.

Students who complete the . in Preaching may apply for the Doctor of Ministry degree with shared credit, provided the student meets the entrance requirements for the degree. In certain Doctor of Ministry tracks a . in Preaching will replace one of the residencies (either the year of a preaching track, ., Preaching to Culture and Cultures, Preaching from Study to Pulpit, Preaching the Literary Forms of the Bible or the preaching residency for Pastoral Skills) allowing the student to complete the Doctor of Ministry residencies in two years rather than the typical three-year cycle and to pay 8 quarters of tuition instead of 12. (Students seeking shared credit in the . Program will need to submit a summative project to a mentor for the track they will be entering to fulfill the requirements of Project 1 and receive full credit for shared credit.)  Those with shared credit from a . in Preaching may still audit the first residency as long as they participate in all cohort activities (. class participation, preaching to class, etc.), though without having to fulfill other requirements (. reading, papers, etc.) or pay additional tuition.

Theology doctoral thesis

theology doctoral thesis


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