The house of my dreams essay

Hey everyone I see a lot of questions thought I would help. Info can be found at this is a diy kit, it includes ribs, ridge beams, insulation, roof paneling, trim and fastners that is , no interior no end caps only the arch. Based out of Texas they deliver to the lower 48 US and (Canada and Alaska if multiple orders). Conforms to the 2012 IBC minimum 150 mph wind and 30 pcf snow load. Standard with R-13 upgradeable to R-25 insulation. Technical drawings available for $150 USD. No financing available aside from 50% on order 50% before delivery. I hope this helps some. I am not affiliated with this company in any way just like to help out when and where I can.

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The house of my dreams essay

the house of my dreams essay


the house of my dreams essaythe house of my dreams essaythe house of my dreams essaythe house of my dreams essay