Spoiled children essay

Hy!I have to comment on this!I’ve always thought about household chores that it was a boring task untill I got a book:”Living close to God” that was written by brother Lorens…..it taught me to see and feel in different ways and use those tasks/chores as a meditation as it were……
I promise you…..a whole new life came to me!Because when you are “changing” one way…..it will be an enormous domino-effect!
For 6 years ago my life changed even more:I had to use a wheelchair instead of my rollator I had for 12 big change….suddenly all kind of people decided over my head how my life would be…..what I could do or couldn’t……without anny discussion!
I knwe one thing for sure:I still good do my own dishes!I had to fight to get the handicap-changes in my flat …but I won!And now I can enjoy sitting there…….meditating over my dishes…and still washed by me!It is a tiny little thing perhaps…..but when everybody else think you have lost all your marbles just because your legs don’t work,is every little thing you still CAN do by your self the jackpot in the lottery!
It’s priceless to gain a little respect and my own selfrespect was at the same time growing as well!
One day I can’t do my dishes anymore…and other things I still can…..but when that day comes we’ll see how to work it out without loosing any selfrespect!
Thank you I got the chance to tell my story!

Step 8. REREAD your essay.  Correct all the errors you find.  Do I need to suggest a few?  Check spelling (dictionary), check capitalization and punctuation (Learning Grammar Through Writing, is our favourite child-friendly help), take out unnecessary words  (. "In my opinion, I think that...." is saying the same thing twice, and starting every sentence with "Now" or "Then" ) , and change any sentences or words that do not seem right.   Some parental help at this point is very helpful in building better essays.

Spoiled children essay

spoiled children essay


spoiled children essayspoiled children essayspoiled children essayspoiled children essay