Slavery in america essay thesis

There are more factors that encouraged slavery but the more important ones are the economic, geographic, and social factors because they show how the growth of slavery affected the economy of the southern colonies... This trade brought African Americans from Western Africa to be sold off at auctions... Slavery also grew in southern colonies because of social factors... It was a gift from God because the African Americans were acclimatized... The growth of slavery in the southern colonies was encouraged by several factors because slaves played a large part in the economy...

But there were tensions. Some Northerners, including Payne, did not approve of the emotional worship style of their Southern counterparts; he stressed that "true" Christian worship meant proper decorum and attention to reading the Bible. Many Southerners were disinterested in Payne's admonitions. They liked their emotive form of worship and saw no reason to cast it aside. Nevertheless, most black Southerners ended up joining independent black churches that had been formed in the North before the Civil War. These included the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) and the African Methodist Episcopal Zion (AMEZ). In 1870, Southerners formed the Colored (now "Christian") Methodist Episcopal Church, and in 1894, black Baptists formed the National Baptist Convention.

Noble as was the notion of this expanded cause, Lincoln well knew how difficult it would be to re-define the goals of a great war in mid-fight.  There was no guarantee that soldiers would fight as readily for the freedom of the black man as they had for the government of the white man.  Late that summer, with the Proclamation still unannounced, a delegation of free African Americans visited the White House for an extraordinary meeting with the President.  Lincoln greeted them with an icily formal written statement, which he read aloud without interruption or question.  Suggesting that the war would never have begun had it not been for slavery, Lincoln declared his belief that the black and white races would never be able to live in harmony.  "It is better for us both therefore to be separated,"he said.  The freedmen should consider emigrating to Africa or the Caribbean. 

Slavery in america essay thesis

slavery in america essay thesis


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