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Britain has held a very important position in the EU until now. They have been an anti-EU voice and the 27 have been able to tut-tut and polish their positive EU speak without Brussels pushing every madcap idea through on a nod.
There is a united front from the 27 for now but the Brexit outcome will set in stone any future terms for leaving. Greece, Italy, Poland, Hungary and France ( to name a few) will ultimately want reasonable terms if they also wish to leave. I think they will choose to leave very soon before the whole Union collapses. With Britain gone, the money will dry up and the benefits to the citizens of most countries will disappear overnight.

First, Henry has the characteristics of a man who is against quick action in the form of violence. His thoughts on the initial reaction of the world responding to terrorism with war are given early, where he thinks to himself that the “idea...was all an aberration, that the world would surely calm down...that solutions were possible, that reason [was a] powerful tool”(McEwan 30). Here, Henry describes his initial thoughts surrounding how terrorism was to be handled, through reason rather than war. He seems to be convincing himself that the rest of the...

Our Saturdays and Sundays are very laid back. My husband is retired and I hope to be in about a year. So, no little ones around..except the 4 legged one. She’s asleep and her feet are moving so she off chasing something, perhaps a rabbit. 😉 My husband and I stay totally in each other’s presence during the weekend. After almost 30 years of marriage we’re quite content watching movies or just napping the afternoon away. We go out to breakfast and sometimes out to lunch. Sometimes we go to the mall and sometimes just go walk in a park. Weekends are my favorite time with my favorite person.

Saturday essay

saturday essay


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