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Instead, Gallup finds that the plurality of millennials (44%) describe themselves as independents. Only 28% identify as Democrats, and 19% identify as Republicans. The appeal of the major political parties is largely waning among this generation. However, millennials who do not identify as either Democrat or Republican are somewhat more likely to say they lean toward the Democratic Party than the Republican Party (33% vs. 26%, respectively). More millennials also classify their political views as moderate than they do liberal or conservative, putting millennials' political inclinations solidly in neutral territory.

They say that students live exciting lives. This is only partly true. How can one’s life be exciting if your professors team up against you every single time with dozens of assignments? An essay on history, a research paper on economics, a book review on literature in a never-ending loop? It doesn’t have to be this way you know. Paper writing should come with an interest and involvement. Otherwise, it will hardly be a success. Surveys say that 9 out of 10 people never use any knowledge, gathered in a college or university when writing research paper. This brings up an obvious question: why bother? Sleepless nights spent on writing various boring assignments should be an echo of the past. Share our insight on things? Welcome to .

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