Punitive turn thesis

We may examine representative incidents by following the geographic route of European settlement, beginning in the New England colonies. There, at first, the Puritans did not regard the Indians they encountered as natural enemies, but rather as potential friends and converts. But their Christianizing efforts showed little success, and their experience with the natives gradually yielded a more hostile view. The Pequot tribe in particular, with its reputation for cruelty and ruthlessness, was feared not only by the colonists but by most other Indians in New England. In the warfare that eventually ensued, caused in part by intertribal rivalries, the Narragansett Indians became actively engaged on the Puritan side.

In the end of a time with another a person knows their choice not ever based on sexual love, sex can always be educated and practiced and developed. Some say love is what is educated and practiced and developed but I feel the most successfulness in sex is taught; love is a given connection, but not always a given emotion, like sex most always is a given easy feeling in the moment of pleasure. Most do not fear sex like love is feared. I feel the two emotions of sex and love should be turned around. I feel love should not be feared and sex should be feared.

Another argument raised against the death penalty stems from the irreversible nature of the punishment. In this regard, Bradley (488) asserts that the death penalty is vulnerable to cases associated with wrongful executions and provides no room to review the conviction. In this regard, Bradley suggests alternative forms of punishment with equal severity such as life imprisonment without parole. These alternative forms of punishment provide reasonable grounds for the death penalty to be abolished. For instance, life imprisonment without parole is equally severe and addresses the loopholes associated with the death penalty such as wrongful convictions.

Punitive turn thesis

punitive turn thesis


punitive turn thesispunitive turn thesispunitive turn thesis