Mirror mirror on the web essay

Burco, Inc. is pleased to announce the integration of all of their Redi-Cuts side view mirror parts into the September release of the NAGS database. Burco mirror parts can now be identified through the Hardware section for the front door glass... Read More . Also included will be PDFs on the Burco line which include complete mirror descriptions and recommended retailing strategies. Bill Castleberry (Burco Sales Director) states, “The inclusion of Burco into NAGS will enhance the customer experience with industry end-users of auto glass software systems (GlassMate®, Mainstreet Glas-Avenue™, and others), give immediate access to vehicle specific Burco parts and establish recognition by the insurance companies of side view mirror glass replacement.” Burco, Inc. is a USA based manufacturer of automotive side view and specialty mirror parts out of Grand Rapids, MI.

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Mirror mirror on the web essay

mirror mirror on the web essay


mirror mirror on the web essaymirror mirror on the web essaymirror mirror on the web essaymirror mirror on the web essay