Mba sponsorship essay

The ISB would like to admit well-rounded students. Extra-curricular activities add that extra dimension to your personality. In the US it is routine for people to do community service, which they can mention as an extra-curricular activity in their applications. But Indian conditions are different, so not having done such activities is understandable. However, if you look deep down, you may find some things that you may have been doing. Did you tutor a kid anytime, did you organize a festival in your apartment complex, did you volunteer your time in some campaign or raise funds for some cause, etc.? If you haven't done anything at all, it's never too late to start. Don't do it just to get your B-school admission, but do what interests you. If you are in the IT area, think of something related to IT that you can do after office hours. How about persuading your company to donate their obsolete computers to charity? The possibilities are endless.

Applicants can enter this scholarship competition before they have applied for the MBA programme, but must check they are eligible for the programme. The winner will be expected to formally apply for the programme within two weeks of being notified of their award. Up to ten entrants will be shortlisted and the winner will be decided by a panel of judges whose decision is final and not open to discussion or appeal by applicants. The finalists will be expected to attend the FT Women at the Top Summit on 27 September where the winner will officially be announced.

Mba sponsorship essay

mba sponsorship essay


mba sponsorship essaymba sponsorship essaymba sponsorship essaymba sponsorship essay