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The kick-off workshop takes place in one week at the beginning of the first term. Students will be provided with sketches by some of the greatest architects of the XXth century. These sketches are preliminary drafts of unbuilt works, so that the students can perceive better the rising idea that the sketch suggests and will be able to transform it with their own sensibility. The chosen sketches are:
This way it will be possible to establish a relationship with both the different paths of creativity and the invariable aspects of architectural history. Students will be asked to choose and analyse one of these projects, showing their ability in handling technological matters, functional and formal aspects. Each student will be asked to work on both exterior and interior architecture, to grant the imaginary tenant a genuine comfort; at the same time the interior will also be designed paying attention to its connection with the exterior, like a telescope used to watch life outside.
Drawings and pictures will be crucial in this teaching experience, together with very basic 3D models.
Teachers will provide theoretical focuses with specific case studies and images. Lessons will concern methods and tools of architectural planning, with particular attention to the typical interior design issues.

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Master thesis project portfolio management

master thesis project portfolio management


master thesis project portfolio managementmaster thesis project portfolio managementmaster thesis project portfolio managementmaster thesis project portfolio management