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Place different colored jelly beans in three different bags (all red in bag 1….) Use a blindfold (or have students close their eyes and you put the jelly beans in their mouths). Do this for each bag. Students hold their nose and chew a jellybean without smelling or seeing it. They record what color they predict the bean was on a recording sheet such as the one seen here. Then have students taste the same color jelly bean without holding their noses (but still not able to see it) Mark the prediction in the second recording box. Show the students the bean and have them color in the correct answer. Do the same for the other two bags.
This activity is from a site no longer online, but some has been archived here: Jelly Bean Jumble .

An investigation by The Blaze reveals the teacher who authored “Dying to be a Martyr” is still teaching at Ballston Spa High School, a public school in Ballston Spa, New York, located in Saratoga County. At Ballston Spa, the teacher leads courses covering world history for 9th and 10th graders. A review of classroom notes posted to the teacher’s website shows she covers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in great deal in her course. Among the many questions students are asked to answer are “What is Hammas’ view ?” and “How were Palestinian refugees treated?”

Lesson plan teaching essay writing

lesson plan teaching essay writing


lesson plan teaching essay writinglesson plan teaching essay writinglesson plan teaching essay writinglesson plan teaching essay writing