Int 2 computing coursework 2011

Following the success of past ICNC conferences 2010 in Hiroshima , 2011 in Osaka , and 2012 in Okinawa , and CANDAR symposiums 2013 in Matsuyama , 2014 in Shizuoka , 2015 in Sapporo , 2016 in Hiroshima , CANDAR 2017 will be held in Aomori, Japan. CANDAR 2017 will serve as a forum for exchanging the latest findings and experiences ranging from theoretical research to practical system development in all aspects of computing and networking including parallel and distributed systems, algorithms, architectures, and applications. In addition to technical sessions consisting of contributed papers, the symposium will include invited presentations, a poster session, tutorials, and workshops. We believe that participants will get new ideas and insight of computing and networking. CANDAR'17 will be held in Aomori, Japan, from November 19-22, 2017.

Reentrancy is distinct from, but closely related to, thread-safety . A function can be thread-safe and still not reentrant. For example, a function could be wrapped all around with a mutex (which avoids problems in multithreading environments), but if that function is used in an interrupt service routine, it could starve waiting for the first execution to release the mutex. The key for avoiding confusion is that reentrant refers to only one thread executing. It is a concept from the time when no multitasking operating systems existed.

Int 2 computing coursework 2011

int 2 computing coursework 2011


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