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You must also contact the school district office of your home county (Sarasota, Lee, or DeSoto) complete their form and obtain permission for your child to attend school in Charlotte County. For your convenience the contact numbers of other school districts are listed below:

  • DeSoto County: (863) 494-4222
  • Lee County: (239) 337-8247
  • Sarasota County: (941) 927-9000
Once permission is obtained from your home county, attach a copy of the reassignment/release form to the Charlotte County Out-of-County Reassignment Application. Please take the Charlotte County Out-of-County Reassignment Application form to the school you have requested for your child to attend and obtain the principal's signature. Once the principal of the requested school has signed the form, please return the completed reassignment forms to:

The Neolithic or new Stone Age saw the beginnings of agriculture. Animals such as the cow and sheep were domesticated and provided a ready supply of meat, milk, wool, leather and bone. Grain was the first food that could be stored for long periods of time. Grain needed to be processed so stones were used for scything (cutting grass crops) and grinding. The need to harvest and store grain meant that it became necessary to stay in one place and settlements could develop. Large scale construction could take place, trade developed and people began to have different roles such as leader, priest, fighter, farmer, hunter or slave.

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Homework help the chamber

homework help the chamber


homework help the chamberhomework help the chamberhomework help the chamberhomework help the chamber