High school admissions essay topics

The school will continue to support as many parents and pupils as possible with the bursary fund that is made available. The rules of the fund are explained in the Parent Guidelines. Simply, the fund will only support existing pupils requiring financial aid for a maximum of R8000 per annum. On application the current school fees must be up to date in order to qualify. For 2017, the bursary applications must have been completed and submitted to Mrs Lisa Engelbrecht no later than 31st October 2017. Bursary forms are available directly from the Bursar.

Trinity’s class of 2017 has already started to make their mark on the world. They’re also an indication of the kind of performance you can expect from yourself on your journey to greatness. So far, 98% are going on to college, with scholarships to schools as diverse as Cornell University, The Catholic University of America, University of Miami, University of Notre Dame, University of Toronto, Vanderbilt University, as well as University of Louisville and University of Kentucky. Together, they’ve earned more than 1,350 hours of college credit before beginning their post-secondary education. As a Trinity student, you’ll be in grea T company.

High school admissions essay topics

high school admissions essay topics


high school admissions essay topicshigh school admissions essay topicshigh school admissions essay topicshigh school admissions essay topics