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This principle of targeting specific task-oriented use of an extremity is similar to forcing yourself to exercise at an intense versus a low level. ‘Forced,’ in this context, means that you work harder than you would usually work.  In other words, in your general exercise routine, you want to work with a faster speed and potentially for a longer period to keep your nervous system and your cardiovascular system adaptable and responsive.  This will also allow your nervous system to respond more crisply when faced with unexpected and surprise events.  This will also facilitate better balance responses and improved postural alignment.

This site has been developed with the intention of helping medical transcriptionists. When I was new to the profession, I always wished I could go to a site that offered word lists on different specialties I'd encounter. Having worked as a medical transcriptionist a number of years now, I feel I can now give back to the MT community.  So, this is my effort at sharing some of the knowledge I've gained as an MT over the years.  I say "some of the knowledge" because you never truly learn "everything" in this profession.  You come across new terms all the time.

Helpful hints research papers

helpful hints research papers


helpful hints research papershelpful hints research papershelpful hints research papershelpful hints research papers