Hamlet as revenge tragedy essay

Here's something you ought to know. Not all tragedies end in death, but all of Shakespeare's tragedies do. Here's one more thing that Shakespeare's tragedies seem to have in common: despite the death of individuals at the end, the plays' conclusions also seem to promise the restoration of political order. How's that possible in Hamlet if the entire royal court's been wiped out? Well, Fortinbras, Prince of Norway, conveniently arrives and claims the Danish throne, which you can read all about by going to " What's Up With the Ending? "

The editors of the Moby™ Shakespeare produced their text long before scholars fully understood the proper grounds on which to make the thousands of decisions that Shakespeare editors face. The Folger Library Shakespeare Editions, on which the Folger Digital Texts depend, make this editorial process as nearly transparent as is possible, in contrast to older texts, like the Moby™, which hide editorial interventions. The reader of the Folger Shakespeare knows where the text has been altered because editorial interventions are signaled by square brackets (for example, from Othello : “ If she in chains of magic were not bound, ”), half-square brackets (for example, from Henry V : “With blood and sword and fire to win your right,”), or angle brackets (for example, from Hamlet : “O farewell, honest soldier. Who hath relieved/you?”). At any point in the text, you can hover your cursor over a bracket for more information.

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Hamlet as revenge tragedy essay

hamlet as revenge tragedy essay


hamlet as revenge tragedy essayhamlet as revenge tragedy essayhamlet as revenge tragedy essayhamlet as revenge tragedy essay