Gravity foundation essay

Well, actually, what it would see is the condition of this area 13 billion years ago. Unfortunately, Earth wasn’t around at that time, nor was our sun for that matter. There was another star here, the first star, that went supernova and produced all of the elements heavier that iron. Heavier as in larger atomic mass, more protons and neutrons, than iron. There were most likely no planets at that time, either, only colossal hydrogen clouds that condensed into the first stars. So, this star had to burn it’s fuel out, and supernova, seeding the area rich with exotic atoms that never existed before. Then, all this new stuff had to aggregate together again, like the first time. Another cloud collapse would produce another new star, with much less mass, but a thick proto-planetary disk. This solar ring eventually settled into several wells of equilibrium, which we call planets and orbits.

Adopting isometric and perspectival drawing techniques used by the Suprematists to achieve strangely irrational spaces that did not add up to Renaissance wholes, she entered an exploratory realm where she developed forms distorted and warped in the throes of Einsteinian space. Hadid transformed traditional drawing conventions, sometimes grafting several techniques and viewpoints together in the same multi-dimensional tableau. She often layered drawings done on sheets of transparent acrylic, creating visual narratives showing several spatial strata simultaneously. Applying Suprematist painting approaches to reconceive architecture, she developed an aesthetic that seemed to challenge the inertia of material reality, with dynamic forms subject to visual acceleration and a sense of take-off. Just as the entasis of a classical column connotes the feeling of weight carried by the shaft, Hadid’s forms were ideated: she shaped forms to cultivate a perception of speed communicated by the eye to the body. Concept translated to experience: the shapes conveyed a sense of physical thrill as the body empathized with form ...

Gravity foundation essay

gravity foundation essay


gravity foundation essaygravity foundation essaygravity foundation essaygravity foundation essay