Gcse spanish work experience coursework

The new GCSE (2010) has encouraged me to re-fresh my existing Spanish KS4 resources. As well as additional resources to develop speaking skills, in particular spontaneous talk, I have also been keen to integrate skills as much as possible in my teaching, both to save valuable class time and also because it seems to make sense for teaching and learning. One example of this is to test vocabulary through sentence-based gap fills, which promote comprehension skills as well as testing individual word knowledge. This is definitely a work in progress and I plan to upload lessons as I teach them during the year. The first section includes the schemes of work, and other useful documents. The second section has the vocabulary challenges and will be added to each week. The final section has the lesson resources, organised according to our SOW, which follows the Edexcel specification.

One of the important differences between previous educational qualifications (and the earlier grading of A-levels) and the later GCSE qualifications was supposed to be a move from norm-referenced marking to criterion-referenced marking. [15] On a norm-referenced grading system, fixed percentages of candidates achieve each grade. With criterion-referenced grades, in theory, all candidates who achieve the criteria can achieve the grade. A comparison of a clearly norm-referenced assessment, such as the NFER Cognitive Ability Test or CAT, with GCSE grading seems to show an unexpected correlation, which challenges the idea that the GCSE is a properly criterion-based assessment. [16]

Gcse spanish work experience coursework

gcse spanish work experience coursework


gcse spanish work experience courseworkgcse spanish work experience courseworkgcse spanish work experience courseworkgcse spanish work experience coursework