Gay adoption research essay

Homosexuals today commonly assert ‘I was born that way,’ and many accept it. Some of this ‘born so’ posturing is just that — posturing. There is a great deal of evidence against the notion that homosexuals are ‘born that way.’ For instance, why should it be that an identical twin has about the same likelihood of having the homosexual preferences of his twin, as he does when compared to another non-twin sibling who does not share an identical genetic makeup? Why is it true that boys raised in cities are 3 to 4 times more apt, and those raised in religiously devout homes 3 to 4 times less apt, to have homosexual tastes as those raised in more rural areas or less religious homes? A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of ~150,000 teens aged 14–18 years old provides yet more evidence against the ‘born that way’ claim. [1] MMWR:2011

LGBT Association Chairperson Chen Arieli spoke prior to the demonstration, saying that "the politicians are terrified that thousands of people crying out against discrimination have come to the demonstration, and the solution suggested by (Welfare Minister Haim Katz, whose office approved the ban on same-sex adoption—ed) is far from truly being a solution. Who's going to conduct the parental capability tests, the same people who view us as additional waste? Discrimination as policy must stop, since any other solution perpetuates the current reality.

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Gay adoption research essay

gay adoption research essay


gay adoption research essaygay adoption research essaygay adoption research essaygay adoption research essay