Everyday use characterization essay

Today a ‘man’ in a car and his fellow passengers took the mickey out of me simply for being a woman on a bike whilst sat at the red light. Over and over.
Another time I’ve had a man telling me how to use my gears and trust me, he wasn’t trying to be helpful or considerate. Would he shout at a man riding a bike? Nope
Another time I was wolf-whistled by some roughly 18 year olds whilst riding in a country park. I’m twice their age.
Imagine being that small-minded and desperate.
There’s others but I won’t bore you.
Cycling as a woman is ridiculous sometimes.

Something that is rather concerning is that there are a number of people in these comments touting that by drinking this stuff it is curing some diseases (somewhere there was a guy claiming it shrunk the size of his tumor?!?). This is just plain dangerous, reckless and irresponsible. Now I know that all the people on here are definitely intelligent adults, but please tell me what would happen if someone who wasn’t so intelligent came across this page and read some of these things? Someone who doesn’t realize that maybe this doesn’t really do everything that’s listed here? What happens when someone reads this and decides to stop their chemotherapy medication because they’re convinced wheatgrass is the cure to their early stage Hodgkin’s lymphoma? Who is the one who has to care for this person and tell them that the cancer has actually spread, and you know what it wasn’t really such a good idea to stop taking that life-saving medication.

Everyday use characterization essay

everyday use characterization essay


everyday use characterization essayeveryday use characterization essayeveryday use characterization essayeveryday use characterization essay