Essays on lysistrata

During the parabasis proper (518–62), the Chorus reveals that the original play was badly received when it was produced. References in the same parabasis to a play by Eupolis called Maricas produced in 421 BC and criticism of the populist politician Hyperbolus who was ostracized in 416 indicate that the second version of The Clouds was probably composed somewhere between 421–16 BC. The parabasis also includes an appeal to the audience to prosecute Cleon for corruption. Since Cleon died in 422 it can be assumed that this appeal was retained from the original production in 423 and thus the extant play must be a partial revision of the original play. [79]

This controversial version was sponsored by several denominations in Great Britain. (1) In more than one way it resembles the earlier Moffatt Bible : The translators used great freedom with the underlying texts (introducing many transpositions and conjectural emendations), they aimed to represent the Bible in a definitely colloquial and modern English style, and they were bold to adopt interpretations which, though long familiar to scholars, were quite new to the public. This characteristic of the version was apparent in the very first words of Genesis:

Essays on lysistrata

essays on lysistrata


essays on lysistrataessays on lysistrataessays on lysistrataessays on lysistrata