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The United States Code, section 5 USC 6103 declares ten national, legal, public holidays, one of which is Christmas. Cincinnati attorney Richard Ganulin filed a lawsuit on 1998-AUG-4 in . district court, 1 asking that the federal government be required to stop declaring future DEC-25 holidays. His goal was not to terminate Christmas. He wants Federal Employees to be given an extra vacation day which they could take on DEC-25, or on any other day if they wished. He feels that " Christmas is a religious holiday and the Congress of the United States is not constitutionally permitted to endorse or aid any religion, purposefully or otherwise, or [promote] entanglement between our government and religious beliefs."  Judge Susan Dlott dismissed the suit. According to ReligionToday for 1999-DEC-8, Judge Dlott decided " that Christmas can be observed as a federal holiday because non-Christians also mark the holiday by celebrating the arrival of Santa Claus. Since nonreligious people also observe the holiday, giving federal workers a day off for Christmas does not elevate one religion over another. " Ganulin has promised to appeal the case to the . Supreme Court. 

Essays christmas holidays

essays christmas holidays


essays christmas holidaysessays christmas holidaysessays christmas holidaysessays christmas holidays