Essay on omar khadr

Sir, cut it out! Your macho shtick of hellfire brimstone sermons or our hell fire missile will find you out, for I am painting you in now. Let me debunk your assertion that Islam is the religion of peace, I give you Al Baghdadi, he never strays far from the Islamic teachings, a self appointed Caliph and his various minions that immolate alive fellow muslims with relish if not severing unsuspecting captured journalists among other Christens’ heads. Lift them thick curtains from your eyes that have perverted your vision and so far prevented you from seeing and then observe for a change.

In 2014, May sent out a series of tweets defending Jian Ghomeshi , who faced allegations from three women that the radio host was physically violent to them without their consent during sexual encounters. [76] "I think Jian is wonderful. Likely TMI for an old fogey like me, but his private life is none of our beeswax.", May wrote. [76] May then wrote "I have known Jian and something at work here doesn't make sense. Innocent until proven guilty." [76] When one user accused her of "buying into" rape culture, she replied, "As a feminist, I do not buy into rape culture." [77] May later stated that she regretted defending Ghomeshi, stating that she had not yet read about the allegations of physical violence in the Toronto Star and that she was still "shaken up" by the Parliament Hill shootings when she wrote the tweets. [76] [77]

To my knowledge the decision to prosecute me is unprecedented.  Unlike Edney and his court-house remarks, I’m not even a practicing lawyer. I’m a journalist who happens to be trained in the law. There are tens of thousands of inactive lawyers like me in Canada. They include politicians like Peter MacKay and Thomas Mulcair. Sometimes these politician-lawyers are polite. Sometimes they aren’t. Two years ago, my fellow member of the Law Society of Alberta, an opposition politician named Rachel Notley, compared the Alberta Energy Regulator to a “banana republic”. It’s a quasi-judicial tribunal, like the human rights commission. But it’s unthinkable that the Law Society would have prosecuted her for being “discourteous” to a government agency. Because we live in a democracy and value public debate.

Essay on omar khadr

essay on omar khadr


essay on omar khadressay on omar khadr