Elon application essay

Conventional wisdom is slow to move, and there’s significant lag time between when something becomes reality and when conventional wisdom is revised to reflect that reality. And by the time it does, reality has moved on to something else. But chefs don’t pay attention to that, reasoning instead using their eyes and ears and experience. By ignoring conventional wisdom in favor of simply looking at the present for what it really is and staying up-to-date with the facts of the world as they change in real-time—in spite of what conventional wisdom has to say—the chef can act on information the rest of us haven’t been given permission to act on yet.

-virtual reality sex
Humans have been exploring the opportunities for recreational sex, whether partnered, grouped, or singular, and in numerous varied ways, for as long as there have been humans in the first place. If anything, recreational sex (anytime you aren’t just trying to get pregnant) is best characterized by the exploration of its fullest experience on any and all available dimensions of human and conscious experience. It is utterly and purely recreational, which leaves open an essentially unlimited domain of potential practices.

Elon application essay

elon application essay


elon application essayelon application essayelon application essayelon application essay