Disadvantages of advertisements essay

Higher interest rates intensified the deflationary pressure on the dollar and reduced investment in . banks. Commercial banks converted Federal Reserve Notes to gold in 1931, reducing its gold reserves and forcing a corresponding reduction in the amount of currency in circulation. This speculative attack created a panic in the . banking system. Fearing imminent devaluation many depositors withdrew funds from . banks. [35] As bank runs grew, a reverse multiplier effect caused a contraction in the money supply. [36] Additionally the New York Fed had loaned over $150 million in gold (over 240 tons) to European Central Banks. This transfer contracted the US money supply. The foreign loans became questionable once Britain , Germany, Austria and other European countries went off the gold standard in 1931 and weakened confidence in the dollar. [37]

1. GMOs could be dangerous to some insects. This is because the new genes of the crops can be deadly to certain insects like butterflies that are not actually dangerous to crops.
2. The people who oppose GMOs aren’t taste good as compared to naturally produced crops.
3. It doesn’t need enough pesticide because the crop itself is dangerous to some insects.
4. The tariff, quota and trade issues may become a problem in regions and other countries.
5. Critics claim that GMOs can cause particular disease or illnesses.
6. As the major producer of GMO, it could start an issue in some population that are not agree in American way
7. Genetically modified crops may also cause a threat to the environment. This is because it is not a natural way to plant and cultivate crops.
8. Possible greed or self-indulgence of the manufacturers and companies of GMOs. This is due to the profit that can be acquired.

I fear that history will repeat itself again. As we discover something powerful, we become less responsible and more self-motivated towards our own goals. To be able to reach out to a single person a thousand miles away a century ago would’ve been God-like in its essence. Yet to have the same ability today with hundreds or thousands? My wish would be to leave Pandora in her box until we were ready to match its quick evolution but I understand that as a society today we embrace progression through trial and error. That is how we have always done it and that is how it will always be done. This is how we have always behaved. Who is the monkey now? One of our legacies of this age is that our greatest advancements have mainly been achieved in times of war. God help us if we should discover that these advancements could have been achieved in times of peace, together. The lives lost, facebook technology could never bring back AND the lesson is still not learnt. We still behave like a monkey in a new suit with a smart phone.
Facebook to me? It’s another brand new toy for us children to play with again…until another bigger and more sparkling toy comes along 🙂

Disadvantages of advertisements essay

disadvantages of advertisements essay


disadvantages of advertisements essaydisadvantages of advertisements essaydisadvantages of advertisements essaydisadvantages of advertisements essay