Dance your dissertation 2011

At the undergraduate and master's dissertation level, you will often focus on just two variables: an independent and a dependent variable ; or sometimes, a second or third independent and/or dependent variable [see the article: Types of variables ]. Only in a minority of cases are you likely to examine a large number of variables at once. However, just because you are only focusing on a small number of variables, this does not mean that these are the only variables that relate to the research you are performing. In this respect, an extraneous variable refers to any variables that you are not intentionally studying (or cannot study, perhaps because of reasons of cost or difficulty). Rather than there being just a few of these extraneous variables, there are likely to be hundreds or even thousands. In other words, it is impossible to avoid extraneous variables.

What I was objecting to was exactly the kind of generalization that lets you lead with a self-congratulatory “most of us.” To whom are you speaking? Beginners only? Nerds-as-you-see-them? Based on the content of your list, I can’t imagine you were aiming at “people who love music and want to get down.” I mean, I don’t always go out of my way to get friendly with people I don’t know, but I wouldn’t describe myself as an introvert, and if I did, I don’t see that as something that requires remediation. I’m not into hugging strangers, and I also don’t think I need to correct that. I definitely *would* describe myself as a nerd, and yet, horror of horrors, I also love bars. (Good ones. Come on.)

Dance your dissertation 2011

dance your dissertation 2011


dance your dissertation 2011dance your dissertation 2011dance your dissertation 2011dance your dissertation 2011