Curious dog in the nighttime essay

Peter Marks of The Washington Post praised the visual graphics of the show as being better presented than the "textual and performance elements" noting that the working of Boone's brain upstaged the detective work of finding the killer. [64] Jennifer Farrar of the Associated Press thought the show a "charming, intricately choreographed and dynamic theatrical experience" and that Alex Sharp's presentation of Christopher exemplifies the life skill of overcoming personal challenge. [65] 's Jeremy Gerard felt that the production combines the obsessed math prodigy element of A Beautiful Mind with the mentoring compassion of Billy Elliot . [66] Joe Dziemianowicz of The Daily News found Sharp's performance "dazzling" and "physical and emotionally intense" and praised the design, lighting, music and video displays. [67]

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, the National Theatre's highly acclaimed production based on Mark Haddon's award-winning novel, now playing at London's Gielgud Theatre.

Winner of 5 Tony Awards 2015 and 7 Olivier Awards 2013, Curious Incident is currently playing in the West End, on Broadway and on tour across the UK.

Christopher, fifteen years old, stands beside Mrs Shears' dead dog. It has been speared with a garden fork, it is seven minutes after midnight and Christopher is under suspicion. He records each fact in the book he is writing to solve the mystery of who murdered Wellington.
He has an extraordinary brain, exceptional at maths while ill-equipped to interpret everyday life. He has never ventured alone beyond the end of his road, he detests being touched and he distrusts strangers. But his detective work, forbidden by his father, takes him on a frightening journey that upturns his world.

The cast includes:
Stephen Beckett
Jacqueline Clarke
Kaffe Keating
Rebecca Lacey
Pearl Mackie
Penelope McGhie
Sean McKenzie
Indra Ové
Mark Rawlings
Naomi Said
Mary Stockley
Nicolas Tennant
Matthew Trevannion
Simon Victor
Siôn Daniel Young

Christopher Boone – Siôn Daniel Young*
Siobhan and Ensemble – Rebecca Lacey
Ed Boone and Ensemble – Nicolas Tennant
Judy and Ensemble – Mary Stockley
*In some performances, the part of Christopher is played by Kaffe Keating.

Curious dog in the nighttime essay

curious dog in the nighttime essay


curious dog in the nighttime essaycurious dog in the nighttime essaycurious dog in the nighttime essaycurious dog in the nighttime essay