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if youhavent been helped yet ill help you so what you needto do is go on google and find chickhen r2 (or R3 if its uot by the time you read this) and hellcats recorvey flasher(if no or then find and download it copy them/it to the root of mem stick the screen that you see as soon aas you open the memstick) and you firmware cant be over if it is dont update just wait for chickhen r3 but if it isnt then do as the instructions say if none then copy the tiff images + the other images to psp/picture then copy hc recovery to psp/game. now unplug and open the image may take a few tries then run hc recovery and hacked 3000 psp

If made in the US – Duty Free. HST applies.
If you bring them in commercially, only GST, which you would get back as an ITC.
So.. net is nothing… if commercial.
If you are going to declare as personal, HST applies.
You won’t need to fill out forms to get them, to bring them back, a copy of the invoice, customs will help you to prepare the paperwork when you return. It will be a longer process on the commercial side, then the personal side, but less initial cash outlay.
Are you doing this commercially, or just taking a stab at it? Do you file for HST currently?

Coustom writing

coustom writing


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