Beauty and the beast analysis essay

In addition, CAPS allowed an easier combination of hand-drawn art with computer-generated imagery, which before had to be plotted to animation cells and painted traditionally. The latter technique was put to significant use during the "Beauty and the Beast" waltz sequence, in which Belle and Beast dance through a computer-generated ballroom as the camera dollies around them in simulated 3D space. The filmmakers had originally decided against the use of computers in favor of traditional animation, but later, when the technology had improved, decided it could be used for the one scene in the ballroom. The success of the ballroom sequence helped convince studio executives to further invest in computer animation.

Actor Terrence Mann was cast as the Beast. Mann had previously performed as Javert in Les Misérables , for which he was nominated for a Tony Award. [9] For his final audition for Disney management, Mann performed for a large audience comprising Disney executives and secretaries in a theatre located on 42nd Street , which he felt was in stark contrast to the usual method of auditioning for six to eight people in a dark theatre. [23] Actor Gary Beach was cast as Lumiere . [27] Beach had seen Beauty and the Beast premiere at the El Capitan Theatre , prior to which he had watched a stage rendition of the film, and thoroughly enjoyed both. Beach was particularly drawn to Jerry Orbach's rendition of "Be Our Guest" in his role as Lumiere, thinking, "Now why can't I get a part like that". [23] Two years later, Beach received a call from casting director Jay Binder inviting him to play Lumiere during their workshop of Beauty and the Beast , but kept turning down the offer due to having prior commitments to an upcoming show starring comedian Carol Burnett . It was only at Burnett's insistence that Beach finally accepted. [23] Amidst a cast of relatively obscure actors, Tom Bosley , famous for his roles on the television series Happy Days and Murder, She Wrote , became the show's most recognizable performer when he was cast as Belle's father Maurice. [9]

Beauty and the beast analysis essay

beauty and the beast analysis essay


beauty and the beast analysis essaybeauty and the beast analysis essaybeauty and the beast analysis essaybeauty and the beast analysis essay