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There’s been a movement on the web for a while now that’s called the “ You comment – I follow “. They want you to remove the nofollow tag off of your comments to “reward” your visitors. Now we do agree, but… That get’s you a whole lot of spam once your WordPress blog turns into a well ranked blog… What we do advocate though, is that you actually follow your visitors! Go to their websites, and leave a comment on one of their articles, a good, insightful comment, so they respect you even more.

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The loop is perhaps the most powerful part of your WordPress theme. It starts with a query (which determines which posts or pages to grab), and ends with a PHP “endwhile” statement. Everything in between is up to you. You can specify the output of titles, post content, metadata, custom fields and commenting all within the loop and each element is output for each post or page until the query is done. You can set up multiple loops and queries on a single page; for example: on a you could have the loop showing the entire content of a single post, with a loop outputting just titles and thumbnails for related posts below it.

Author page wordpress thesis

author page wordpress thesis


author page wordpress thesisauthor page wordpress thesisauthor page wordpress thesisauthor page wordpress thesis