As-level geography coursework

Geography is a very employable subject. Degrees you could go on to do include conservation, ecology, geography (both human and physical), and environmental studies, although it is unlikely to count against you for any degree. Although fairly uncommon, some universities even count geography as a science. Employers like it for all sorts of jobs because of the amount of transferable skills you will learn, you can work in groups, your math skills are likely to be adequate, you have analytical skills and you are up to date with current affairs as well as being world wise.

Influential:  Geographers have taken lead roles in the a number of high level studies for Government, including the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (UK NEA)  and Foresight (Government Office of Science) research projects on the 'Future of Cities' . 'Migration and Global Environmental Change' , 'International Dimensions of Climate Change' and 'Future Flooding' . Geographers have played significant roles as independent advisors to decision-makers, through groups such as the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) Science Advisory Council . Geographers have also led reviews for Government of health and safety law and fed into Parliamentary inquiries on the importance of the Census, the National Planning Policy Framework and high speed rail. Find out more through Society News .  

As-level geography coursework

as-level geography coursework


as-level geography courseworkas-level geography courseworkas-level geography courseworkas-level geography coursework