Anti social activities essay

Anti-social behaviour can have a negative effect and impact on Australian communities and their perception of safety. The Western Australia Police force define antisocial behaviour as any behaviour that annoys, irritates, disturbs or interferes with a persons’ ability to go about their lawful business. [25] In Australia, many different acts are classed as anti-social behaviour such as, misuse of public space, disregard for community safety, disregard for personal well-being, acts directed at people, graffiti , protests, liquor offences and drunk driving. [26] It has been found that it is very common for Australian adolescents to engage in different levels of anti-social behaviour.  A survey was conducted in 1996 in New South Wales , Australia, of 441, 234 secondary school students in years 7 to 12 about their involvement in anti-social activities. percent reported intentionally damaging or destroying someone else's property, percent admitted to having received or selling stolen goods and close to 40 percent confessed to attacking someone with the idea of hurting them. [27] The Australian community are encouraged to report any behaviour of concern and play a vital role assisting police in reducing anti-social behaviour. One study conducted in 2016 established how perpetrators of anti-social behaviour may not actually intend to cause offense. The study examined anti-social behaviours (or microaggressions) within the LGBTIQ community on a university campus. The study established how many members felt that other people would often commit anti-social behaviours, however there was no explicit suggestion of any maliciousness behind these acts. Rather, it was just that the offenders were naive to impact of their behaviour. [28]

There are no express restrictions on what the order can say about location, other than it only having effect within England and Wales. The statue makes no reference to behaviour in public as opposed to in private. However, it is inherent in the terms of section 1C(2) that the kind of behaviour which an order can prohibit is behaviour which affects people outside the offender's own household, and which is directed at society in general. Therefore, it seems that the courts can prohibit someone form going to or being at private premises if the conditions of section 1C(2) are met. One example is if the accused tends to go to a private flat which is not his home and throws missiles from the flat window at passers-by. In this case, a prohibition on being in that flat might be reasonable and proportionate and if it is necessary, the order could be made.

Anti social activities essay

anti social activities essay


anti social activities essayanti social activities essayanti social activities essayanti social activities essay