An uninvited guest essay

Amen. I agree that it’s very important to allow little girls to know they’re beautiful, smart, talented, their prescence in a room is inviting and makes those around her smile. I too, was not encouraged as a little girl by my Mother or told I was beautiful or important or smart. I too, was dismissed and dressed in clothes that were the first mismatched outfit and quickest pair of clothes to hurry up and get me ready.
We are knitted in our Mothers Woumb by God Almighty and he calls us the “Apple of HIS eyes!” How much more beautiful do you get than that. Beauty, is not only outside but inside too! I feel that we can balance the baby doll dress up love with reading a good childrens book, or even the children’s Bible to our little girls! Anything else is just judgmental to say that we the people are wrong for having spiritual gifts to show “LOVE” by giving compliments to our baby girls and our friends and families baby girls. We are showing actions & words of LOVE! And “Love” covers a multitude of sins. Food for thought…
~Robin Foley-Edwards

Pictured above, top left: At Walt Disney World, the Ghost Hostess appears on a ledge at the end of the crypt before guests leave their Doom Buggies. With the 2007 "re-haunting" of Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion, the Ghost Hostess was converted to a rear-projection prop, and her face is animated from a LCD projector behind the doll using a special lens to fit the high resolution image to her face. Top center: a scanned film cel from the Ghost Hostess reel. Top right: The Ghost Hostess as she appears at Disneyland. Above left: a close-up "live" shot of the Ghost Hostess, with (above center) a wider shot, as the effect appears in show lighting (live photos courtesy of Robert Miller.) Above right: detail of the Ghost Hostess doll. The face and arms are painted with phosphorescent paint, so that the light projected on them will cause them to glow in the dark, adding to the eerie effect.

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An uninvited guest essay

an uninvited guest essay


an uninvited guest essayan uninvited guest essayan uninvited guest essayan uninvited guest essay